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MLI Webinar Session

Reflections on the First Year of Presidency: The Seen and the Unknown

Reflections on the First Year of Presidency: The Seen and the Unknown

Zoom Webinar

Many people enter their first presidency without truly understanding the job itself. While very few presidencies are ever the same, many first-year presidents face similar tasks. What characteristics do you look for in selecting the right people for your cabinet? Do you come with a vision for the institution without having spoken to the diverse stakeholder groups? How do you form and maintain connections with students, faculty, staff and local citizens? When you find deeply entrenched institutional interests and practices, how do you work to change the status quo? How will you handle criticism that will likely come sooner than later? It is not often that you get to pull the curtain back and look at what might be in your future. In this session, you will hear from new presidents about what their first year on the job was like, what surprised them and, perhaps, whom they surprised!

8/19/2020 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

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