Becoming A Steward of Place: Four Areas of Instit. Focus
Becoming A Steward of Place: Four Areas of Instit. Focus
This publication seeks to provide further assistance to institutional leadership to expand and deepen their relations with the local or regional community in these perilous times. Although much has been learned since the original AASCU report on this topic over 10 years ago, external conditions have not become any easier. The 2002 publication, Stepping Forward as Stewards of Place, argued that the regional, comprehensive universities that form the AASCU membership have a unique role and relationship with their community and region. It suggested that AASCU institutions-because of their connections and relationships with their local community and region, the makeup of their student body, and their sense of identity and purpose-have a unique role as "Stewards of Place."

A companion report Becoming a Steward of Place: Lessons from AASCU Carnegie Community Engagement Applications is available at The report contributes enormous texture and nuance to our understanding of how to go about the work of engaging with our communities. Indeed, the lessons offered in this report were so important that we included them as an appendix in Becoming a Steward of Place, to make certain that we had the widest possible distribution of these ideas and insights.
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